How do I import the suppression list to Rule ?

See the instructions below on how to add their "blocking list" to exclude a larger number of members directly into Rule. 

If you have a customer list of deregistered customers (so-called opt-out), we recommend that you import these into Rule. In this way, those members are barred from continuing receiving messages via Rule and you do not need to bear in mind that specifically exclude them in the future via separate tags. 

To load your blacklist, do the following steps:

  • Go to members.
  • Click Import.
  • Click the Select File button and download your blocked list file.
  • Then, click the Red button to block members

  • In the box that comes up you will be given the opportunity to specify the type of campaigns to be blocked from. Most common is that customers want to be banned from advertising (promotions) but still want to receive their receipts (transactional mail). Click Save to close the box and move on.
  • Click the Start Import button. 

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