Set up Google Analytics tracking on your campaigns

To make your campaigns traceable in Google Analytics, you need to enter an UTM code in Rule. "UTM" stands for urchin tracking module and is a format from Google used to track links in Google Analytics. Below we describe how to do it. 

1. Start by taking a look at the following inställningar

  • Make sure you've entered your domains in your account settings as shown in the example below:

  • 2. To get the correct tracking on your campaign, then set up a UTM code. This is done before you send your campaign, in Summary & Schedule. Here you have the option to specify two types; "utm_campaign" and "own utm_term". Enter both to optimize the results of your analyses.
  • utm_campaign is the name of your campaign, such as "sommarrea_v28". You should use underscore instead of spaces or dashes.
  • utm_term is a compilation of your keywords/keywords, such as"campaign+shoes". The UTM term provides additional ability to identify keywords, but usually it is enough to enter utm-campaign. However, utm term should be specified if you previously marked paid keyword campaigns, then enter the same keywords here. (For more information on setting UTM, you can also visit google's site, here).
  • Rule then automatically adds, utm_source = rule and utm_medium = email. 

3. If you want a unique identification on a link, you can add it under Utm content (see picture below) when creating links in the email builder. Otherwise, each link that goes to the domains is tagged with utm_source=rule&utm_medium=email& utm_campaign=xxx (the campaign name you specified), when you send out the campaign.

4. Once the settings are made and the promotion is sent, you can under the statistics of the campaign, click on the "Google" tab, log in with your Google Analytics account and see statistics. See the results in the image example below: 

Do you have questions about setting up Google Analytics tracking on your campaigns? Describe your case to us on and you will receive quick help. 

Good luck! 

/Team Rule

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