How do I see that a customer has received the promotion or not?

If there is uncertainty about whether a campaign has reached a specific customer/member, there are several alternatives to use. 

  1. Search for the specific member's email address via Members > The searchfield. We also recommend that you try searching for different variants of the address, such as the Toggle different domain names such as or to see if the person entered the correct email address or is registered with multiple addresses. 
  2. When you look at a single recipient's customer card, you see the tags that the person belongs to. Then see after these tags match those that were specified as recipients in the sent campaign. You can also via promotions > sent search for email addresses as in the case above. 
  3. If you have been hit on your current customer, you will see color codes that show if the customer is active as a recipient (GREEN) or if the campaign bounces (ORANGE) or if the address is blocked (RED). If the customer is green marked, it is active as a receiver, i.e. receptive to mailings that match the specified tags or filters. If the customer is orange or red, you will often see an explanation of why the campaign bounces off and blocked. Common reasons include a full inbox or a message that has been classified as spam or the address is inactive. Read more about bounces here and how to avoid spam here.

 Picture example with explanation on blocked customer: 

Picture examples with explanations for bounced mailings: 

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