How do I connect Facebook Lead Ads with Rule?

A great way to collect members for your newsletter is to collect signups via Facebook Lead Ads. Rule provides a connector that automatically collects your leads so that you can process them directly through marketing automation and newsletters. 

Facebook Lead Ads connects you to Pages that you administer on Facebook, and to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Rule, you need to be the admin of the Page. 

In Rule

Go to InställningarKonto and at the bottom of the page you will find the integration section, click Download Pages, after this you will get a pop up where you then log in.

You can also test this if the connector has stopped working. 

When the connection is active, all your leads from Facebook enter the "Facebook Import" tag on your rule account, this happens completely automatically and leads enter your account in real time. 

Du kan tex skapa en automation baserat på taggen "Facebook Import"

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