Remote Content

To easily retrieve your material from your website, or other location, to your promotions you can use the so-called remote content. This means that you do not create the content manually without it being retrieved from an external location and automatically populated as content in your email campaign.

To do this, first create a campaign and select a blank template. See Figure 1 below. Then you mark where you want to apply your content and enter the address for where from the content to download. 

  • Figure 1: Select the template to use. In the example below, the template named "Template Empty-Multilanguage" is selected. 
  • Figure 2: Here you can find and enter the link for remote content. Click the member Data tab on the top toolbar, and Then select Global Material from the drop-down list. There you add the URL that you want to use. 
  •  Figure 3: Then the link is in place. See the example below. 

Fig. 1:

Fig. 2: 

Figure 3: The link in place and ready to enter the address of the page from which the information should be retrieved. (Note that materials retrieved from external locations are not responsible by Rule Communication) 

For questions about remote content and more possible uses contact us via with a description and we will reconnect shortly.

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