Explore Rule with a trial account

If you are logged in to a so-called Test account, it is temporarily limited to 10 crisp emails. Otherwise, the account is "LIVE" and you have full access to all the Rule's features and possibilities. 

We want to give you the opportunity to explore the Rule's strengths fully and feel free to log in and make yourself comfortable with, for example, importing members into a tag, try building filters or experimenting with the blocks in the editor to put your own design on Campaigns. When you go LIVE, we will help you with template design, so you only need to focus on the content itself. 

  • To your help, we have created the question mark (?) in the lower right corner for assistance along the way. And you also have us close to support@rule.se for quick feedback. Our FAQ page can be found on docs.rule.se

When you feel convinced after the trial period that Rule is your best partner for customer and marketing communications, we are ready to drive with you: Welcome to Rule! 

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