Filter by Amount limit

To segment your target audience in the best way, a variable can be just spent money. Filtering by amount limit means creating a rule to charge those that have acted for a certain amount, such as above a specific amount. See the example below and then link it to your case. 

When you want to create a filter for the customer's amount limit, you can do the following: 

  • Go to Tags & filter
  • Click on the New Filter. Enter the name of the filter and tag/tags on which the filter will be based. Then select Save the filter To proceed to set the rules. (SELECT Grouping filters To merge multiple filters. Read more about grouped filters here.)    

  • In the next step, select Division from which you want to retrieve the member data to filter on. This is the information you created during the Members>Groups and custom field. This info can also automatically enter Rule through your ecommerce provider that sends purchase data to Rule. Here it is selected group "Order" where information from the current order with amounts, size, etc. has been collected. 

  • To filter precisely on the amount spent, select New rule. Then select the order amount, here "Order. Sum", in the drop-down list on the left and in the Middle field, enter the rule you want to use, here from 300 and up, and the amount you want to measure, here 300 EUR. See the sample image below. 

In this example, the sum of the filter above will filter out the customers who spent more than 300 EUR. 

Good luck with filter building! For questions, please describe your case to us via 

/Team Rule

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