Where do they end up unregistering?

The procedure when a customer clicks on the link to unsubscribe from the newsletter, the customer is immediately blocked in Rule. Under Members, you can find blocked customers and the Blocked tab on the far right of the image. Directly as the deregistration takes place, the customer is directed to a website confirming that the customer is deregistered. 

It is of course possible to direct customers to their own site immediately after the registration. We recommend that you have such a page. Then you own the whole process and have the opportunity to communicate with the customer. Tips on actions can be questionnaires about why they choose to leave, attract with discount codes or collect feedback for continued customer club work etc. You can find more tips on how to act on unregistrations at vår blogg

You set your own landing page for unregistered customers in the red fields under settings like the image below: 

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