How do I export unenrolled members?

The background to export of addresses, emails, purchase history and other member information varies. For example, Reporting purposes internally or similar, there is a need to gather the unregistered customers. If you want to export these blocked email addresses, please follow the steps below. 

To export unregistered customers: 

  • Go to Tags & filter
  • Click the current tag you want to export out
  • Click the Export button
  • There you select the member information that you want to include in the export, in addition to the email address, and then switch Active and or Deregistered (blocked) members. 
  • You can also choose to create a filter based on all tags, and export the filter in the same way, and you will get all your members who have a tag.

  • Click the Export button to proceed. When the file is finished, a blue box appears for downloading the exported members. The file format is preset to Excel format up to 65,000 rows, above which the file is given in CSV format. (On import, either XSL and CSV are accepted as formats.) 

In case you encounter problems and/or have questions about your export, please describe your case to us you get assistance quickly. See also page Commonly asked questions and answers.

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