How do I export unenrolled members?

The background to export of addresses, emails, purchase history and other member information varies. For example, Reporting purposes internally or similar, there is a need to gather the unregistered customers. If you want to export these blocked email addresses, please follow the steps below. 

To export unregistered customers: 

  • Go to Tags & filter
  • Click the current tag you want to export out
  • Click the Export button
  • Where to choose the member information that you want to include in the export, in addition to the email address, and then switch Active and or  Unregistered (blocked) members. 

  • Click the Export button to proceed. When the file is ready, a blue box will appear to download the exported members. The file format is pre-set to Excel format up to 65 000 rows, over which the file is given in CSV format. ( Import ACCEPTS either XLS or CSV as the format.) 

If you encounter problems and/or have questions about your export, describe your case to us you will receive quick assistance. See also the page Commonly asked questions and answers. 

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