How do I get started texting?

The SMS function in Rule has almost endless uses. Mobile campaigns give you an unprecedented opening grade on your mailings. Send SMS campaigns to get closer to your members, reach them before they visit you physically or digitally, and drive traffic to your other channels, for maximum conversion.

  1. Enable SMS function
  2. Import phone Numbers
  3. Send SMS Campaigns & automations

Step 1: Turn on SMS functionality

  • Send SMS: To send SMS in Rule, the function needs to be activated. This is done by ordering a stop word for deregistration, e.g. "RULESTOP" through our service department. The cost of registration is a one-time cost of 1400 SEK. Describe your case to us on and you will quickly get help, we also need to know which country it applies if you intend to send outside Sweden. When registration is complete, the stop word and the stop phrase are posted to your account, on the right side of the picture when you create your campaign. See below for examples. 

  • Now you can SEND SMS! Do you also want to receive SMS? Follow the steps below. If not, skip to Step 2.
  • To receive SMS from your members, you also need to order a word for incoming SMS, such as text messages. "Rule." This answer word texts your members to send or reply to your TEXT messages. This sends a call to our SMS provider, which in turn sends the message further into your Rule account. 
  • See below for examples of stop words and answer words for SMS. This view can be found in Settings > Account Settings > text message. 
  • In the next step you will need to set up a "Structure for incoming SMS". This is done to link the customer's message and response to the correct tags and custom field in Rule. Also this you will find examples in the picture below. First select the tag, and then add fields or emails, by clicking the black buttons.  
  • For example: Suppose you want to set up a signup for SMS in stores. What you do then is that you ask your customers to text your answer word, in this case "RULE" followed by their email address, to 71550. (If you have not chosen to receive your own number, the default number is 71550). To install this, you need in the "Incoming SMS Structure" field, attach a tag there. Below are the tags "MESSAGE for Signup in store" and "Newsletter". What happens then is that the customer's message, in this case the customer's email address, lands in those particular tags. You can then use these tags to send automated, or scheduled SMS and email campaigns. 

Step 2: Import phone numbers

  • How to import phone numbers in Rule? The import is made in the same way as in the case of a regular member import,either through file upload or API.
  • In order for Rule to be able to load mobile numbers smoothly upon importation, the number should be entered in country code format, e.g. +4673867xxx. (46 for Sweden and removing 0)

Step 3: Send SMS Campaigns & automations

  • SMS Campaign: Creating an SMS campaign is done in the same way as an email campaign. The only difference is that by SMS you do not use any template-which makes the job even easier. To create an SMS campaign, click here:
  • Go to Campaigns via the navigation list, or directly click Create New campaign from the start screen.
  •  Select New Text message
  •  Specify the sender, recipient (tag/filter), and the message itself. Note that the number of characters per SMS device is 160 pcs. 
  •  To send out and/or schedule your SMS campaign, click Summary & Schedule.
  • Automatic SMS mailings: To send automatic SMS mailings, do the same as when an automatic email: The only difference is that you select SMS instead of email.
  • Rule shortens links that are included in the SMS and is over 25 characters. Do you still want to include the entire link in the email: remove https:// and just type www, but if you have your own link that rule has not shortened, you can not track the clicks in the sms' et.
  • Clearly -you have now sent YOUR first SMS!

Please note that additional costs are added per sms sent (40 cents) and also keep in mind that consent is required to send SMS. For more tips regarding SMS marketing see also vår blogg.

It is currently possible to send to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Japan, Korea, Iceland, USA, Holland, Finland. The countries that differ in price are Germany, Japan and Holland where the price is 80 öre per sms.

Some of the countries have a different set-up rate and a running monthly cost.

Statistics for SMS mailings and so-called bounce statistics for SMS are not available in Rule.

Mvh Team Rule. 

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