How to get started with SMS - FAQ

In this article you will learn how to get started with SMS!

The SMS function in Rule can be used to send and receive SMS from your customers, in other words, it gives you an opportunity to communicate with your members directly in the mobile phone. Send SMS campaigns to get closer to your members, reach them before they visit you physically or digitally and drive traffic to your other channels, for maximum conversion. When you have finished reading this guide, you will have the following: 

  1. Activate the SMS function
  2. Create SMS campaigns
  3. Other information

Activate the SMS function

 1.Order stop words

To send SMS in Rule, the feature needs to be activated. You do this by ordering a stop word for unsubscribing your SMS, e.g. "VIBESTOP", as shown in the example below.  The order is mailed to: In the order, you need to include your stop word, and to which countries you want to text if you plan to send outside Sweden. The cost of a stopword is a one-off cost of 1400 SEK. Once the registration is complete, the stopword/unsubscribe text will be added to your account, on the right side of the screen when you create your campaign. 

Now you can send out text messages!
Do you also want to be able to receive SMS? Follow the steps below (this is not a necessary step, but only for those who want to receive SMS).

 1.Order answer words 

The first thing you need to do is order a reply word for incoming SMS. You can order it via In this example, we have chosen "GOOD" as the answer word. Once you have ordered a response word and have it set up, follow the steps below to set up a structure for incoming SMS. 

 Go to the dashboard and click on the " arrow by your company name" in the top right corner, to access a drop-down menu.

 Click on the "Settings" in the drop-down menu 

Scroll down until you get to the "Text messages" view

1. Click on  "select tags" to select the tag to which the customer's message should be linked. Läs mer om taggar!
2. Then click on  "select field" Or "add email" to determine which custom field the customer should be connected to. Läs mer om medlemsfält!

Once you have selected the structure, click " save changes" .

Clearly! You have now set up a structure for incoming SMS.

Create SMS campaigns

1. click on " Dashboard"

2. Click on " Campaign"

 Click on " New SMS"

Create SMSet
1. Enter the sender (the sender must not have spaces or exceed 11 characters)
2. Specify recipients by selecting  "tagg/filter"
3. Here you write the message itself. Note that the number of characters per SMS unit is 160. Läs mer om hur man beräknar antal tecken i ett sms!

 To send and/or schedule, click on " summary and schedule".

Here you can choose whether you want the campaign to:

1. Click here to save it in draft
2. Click here to send it directly
3. Click here to schedule it.

The stop word is added automatically, so you don't need to add it.

Congratulations! You have now created your first SMS campaign!

Other information that is useful to know: 

  • Automatic SMS messages: To send automatic SMS messages, you do the same as with an automatic email, you can read more about it in the article about your first marketing automation.
    The only difference is that you choose SMS instead of email.
  • Rule shortens links that are included in the SMS and are over 25 characters. If you still want to include the entire link in the email: remove https:// and just write www, but if you have your own link that rule has not shortened, you cannot track the click in the text message.
  • Please note that there is an additional cost per SMS sent (40 öre) and that consent is required to send an SMS. For more tips on SMS marketing, see our blog.
  • How to import phone numbers in Rule? The import is done in the same way as a regular member import, either via file upload or API. In order for Rule to be able to read in mobile numbers smoothly during import, the number must be written in country code format, i.e. +4673867xxx. (46 for Sweden and remove 0)

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