How do I add individual discount codes to my newsletter?

First, make sure the desired member information, this discount code,is loaded into Rule as a custom field . Look under Members>Groups and custom field . There you have or create a group, such as Personal Data, which you then fill with the custom field you want to import as shown below. 

The group of the custom fields : 

custom field on site:  

-To then get the codes in the newsletter, go to the email builder where you create the letter and enter the recipient, etc., and put the cursor where the code should appear. 

-Then go to the upper left corner of the toolbar and select Add member Data and look up current member field discount code. Then the content member field will automatically download and match that information. For example, it might look like this: "Thank you for your purchase. Use the following code for your next purchase: [CustomField: Personal information. Discount code] ". The result is that it will automatically download a code to each person on your imported tag when the email goes out live. 

There is another option as well and that is if you submit a list of your unique discount codes to us, we will put them in our database so that they can be used continuously. We'll let you know when they're running out. We recommend you to figure out in advance how many codes you will send out to your members, so feel free to send as many as you can to us. Together with the codes, you need to notify us for which automation or campaign they are going to. You can send the codes as an XSL, CSV, or TXT file.

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