Why does it look like a customer has opened the email so many times?

The number of unique openings for the campaign appears at the top of the page for a submitted campaign. See example image below: 

However, note that the number of openings at the individual level records an opening each time the email client is updated. For example, even if the e-mail message is forwarded, the openings are recorded on the original recipient. Another common scenario is that some type of spam filter/antimalware protection opens the email several times to scan for malicious attachments or links. For example, this is how protection works in Microsoft Office 365. The person responsible for the receiving email server can answer more questions about their controls.

For these reasons, the number may be perceived as abnormally high. Therefore, we normally recommend showing "unique" clicks, as each recipient is only counted once.

If you have any more questions about the statistics for the campaigns, please send us your question on support@rule.se and you will get quick help. 

Mvh Team Rule

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