To test spam filters:

      In this article, we'll walk you through how to test for "spam filters." To ensure you avoid unnecessary spam filters, we recommend that you review the  SPF settings For your domain. SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework And in short, it clarifies a permission to send e-mail through your domain. We have gathered more info about SPF-inställningarna här

      Note that You cannot include multiple SPF domains in the TXT, but must combine them in a single TXT box. You can only have one SPF record. If you have more, add the ones you have to one, and it will work.

      Here's what to do:

      1. Go to the page Now the page is displayed as below screenshot shown.

      2. Copy the test address: as shown in the white box see the sample image below.

      3. Go to Rule, Paste the copied test URL in the preview field of your Rule campaign, as shown below.

      4. Then go back to Again and click on the blue button "Then Check your score"

      Your graduation will now appear on your mailing see the image below as an example

      There is also detailed information to study, see the image below.

      Good luck

      Support team Rule

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