How do I get a list of people who clicked on a specific link?

  • Go to the Campaigns menu to select the current campaign you are analyzing
  • Click the statistics icon on the current campaign. 

  • When the campaign statistics are displayed, click the Export button that appears to the right just below the graphic. 

  • In the next step, choose whether the options for your export selection are via the "has" or "does not" options and choose between the options in the menu, including clicking on any link in the campaign. See Steps 1-3 below: 

1) Select selection to export: 

 2) Enter the current link: 

3) Selected export selection, selected link with the option to export the result to file. (You can also switch to exporting to a tag.)

  • Finally, click Export to get the ones clicked on the link in a separate Excel sheet. 

If you run into problems exporting describe your case to us through you will get quick help. 

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