Automated order/Freight confirmations

To set up automated shipping and order confirmations, it is most commonly done using API or a integration. This means that information from a completed purchase is sent from your business system to Rule and automatically enters the information (e.g. product, price, quantity, etc.) into your template that automatically fills and creates the order confirmation that is sent out. Talk to your e-commerce partner to clarify which customer data should be submitted to Rule. Then you can easily create the order and delivery confirmations to be sent out. 

To create the automations:

Step 1 - Go into automations and click On New Automation:

Step 2 - Name the automation and add the tag to trigger it on:

Step 3 - Add email or sms, if you choose email and you need to have your own template or use a standard template, the most important thing here is to make sure that the custom fields in the mailing is right for your e-commerce platform. Here you can, for example, choose a standard template for both order confirmation and delivery confirmation, these are specifically adapted for centers, but the membership field can be changed to those that your e-commerce platform uses.

Step 4 - When your email is ready and everything is set up, you need to click active on both the email and in the automation for it to be activated.

custom field 

Below is an example of an order and delivery confirmation before the data from the purchase has been downloaded and filled in. You choose to supplement with graphics, logotype, links etc to make the order confirmation as appealing and informative as possible.  Contact your system vendor/e-commerce platform to describe the details from the purchase that you want to include in the confirmations and also share the API-key. 

-An API key generates during Settings. See the picture below and the link to our API documentation can be found on the page

You also have the opportunity to name different keys that you created and of course create new and remove old ones. 

If you have questions about API or want to connect technicians at your e-commerce partner with developers here at Rule , please describe your case to us via We'll assist you.

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