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With  Marketing Automation  in Rule, you can easily pre-set e-mail and/or SMS messages to be sent automatically. You decide when to send the messages out and also what to trigger it being sent away. The background of automation mailingis is that they are sent when a particular event is met, only then the message is activated and sent out. For example, you can associate sending a thank you message two days after the customer has made a purchase. We have also gathered more inspiration about automation at vår blogg 

The example below includes that a customer matches your trigger (e.g. a tag named "Order completed" as shown) and then the email will be sent out. The process briefly involves the following two steps:

  1. A customer has made a purchase and is transferred directly to the "Order completed" tag.  
  2. Then you create one or more messages linked to the tag, which means that customers who placed orders automatically receive a welcome letter. 

(Sample image on a flow with three mailings, the first of which is sent out immediately via email, the second after 14 hours via email and the last one after 25 days via SMS.)

To create an automated welcome letter, follow the points below: 

  • Select Automation using the left-hand navigation list.
  • Click New Automation. 

  • Select trigger, tag/filter, which determines when the mailing is sent out. Usually, the tag "Order completed" is used. And you set the time for the mailing via settings (the gear icon). 
  • Click Add Mail OR add SMS to add one or more new messages. 
  • Select the current template that you want to use to proceed to create the mailing. 

  • Click Save Draft to save, and then click Automation to go back to editing the flow. 
It allows you to specify the time settings for the frequency at which the mailing is sent out. 

Back in the Automation menu, you'll see your new campaign created. To activate the entire flow or individual campaign, click the YES/NO button for the entire loop as well as the messages in the loop that you want.

For further assistance, please describe your case to us at To get quick help.

Good luck! 

/Team Rule

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