Filter on more values e.g. Several interests with multiple-choice

We have made the custom fieldsmore flexible. Especially for cases where the custom fieldsmay consist of more parameters, there is now the possibility to import multiple choice options. This will be very helpful for filtering on interests for example. Your customers don't necessarily have just one area of interest. If you offer travel, the customer may like both sun holidays and winter adventures and may also be interested in golfing. To maintain your relevance in communicating with customers, it is therefore important to capture this.

To make it easier, you can now import more options at the custom fieldsbefore you segment your target audience. You simply enter the interests you want to import into the member field and you will see below what it looks like.

In the file you are importing, create a separate column with a name that matches the member field that has multiple choice. For each member, you can then add multiple choice by separating them with the "|" character. See example "trousers | sweater | shorts |" below: 

Follow Jotun's example: 

One of many successful multi-option examples is Norwegian Jotun. In addition to providing the Eiffel Tower with color, they also choose to ask their customers for their uses. This allows customers to enter directly into a form on the website and it then facilitates the entire chain of communication and offers to the end customer.

In the example, the customer's uses are cabin, boat and exterior and the customer's interests will be collected under the member field of the interest .


  • Customer club work becomes smarter with simpler member administration.
  • You can more easily control content by recipients, such as B2B or B2C content.

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