Check list for new user/customer

Checklist for new Rule users (English version below)

There are some smaller settings that we recommend that you look over before you start using Rule in full. See the points below and contact us at If you have more questions. 

Adjusting the SPF filter

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework and clarifies the authority to send e-mails in your domain name. What determines is the domain that you use as the sender address. Note that the SPF setting also affects drafts and junk filters. Hänvisa länken nedan till tekniker för korrigering av er DNS-inställning.  

Google Analytics

If you want to follow the campaigns using Google Analytics, you first enter your domain under the Settings menu, and then for each campaign, you enter an UTM code. Then you can follow the results of campaigns directly in Google Analytics and you'll also get the results presented directly in Rule during sent campaigns.  Läs mer om GA-inställningarna

Registering payment cards

For increased freedom of choice, a new customer can choose the payment option invoice or card. As a card customer, you get full freedom to change subscription options, create new users, etc.  Läs mer om kortbetalning här.

Contact details and billing address

  • Please provide your rule manager' contact details, email + phone number, and email address for billing. Send info to  


The Settings menu specifies sender addresses for the Rule account. That information is automatically entered as the sender in your first campaign. You can manually adjust for individual mailings, but we recommend filling in the sender tasks to save time in campaignwork. 

Checklist for new Rule-users 

Before you are able to use Rule at it's full power there are settings that we recommend you to setup first. Please see the sections below to see which matches your need and contact us via for further questions. 

To Send SMS

To use text messages in your marketing mix is a great way to work with both campaigns and to recruit new subscribers. But to be able to send SMS campaigns you first have to register a stop word for subscribers so they are be able to unsubscribe, for example "RULESTOP".  Contact us via for register a stop command and we will set it up for you. 

SPF Setup

Sender Policy Framework clears the authority so send emails via you domain name. It's your sender address that defines the domain. The SPF-setting will also improve sender score for previews and junk folder issues. Please forward  this link To your technician and make necessary adjustment at you DNS. (Note: Link's in Swedish.) 

Google Analytics

If you wish to track you campaigns via Google Analytics you have to apply your domain under the Settings menu. Then for every single campaign you can add a unique UTM-code to keep track and trace the results in Google Analytics. You add UTM-codes in the final step right before you send out a campaign.  For more details, see link (SWE). 

Contact Information and billing address

  • Please send contact info for your account manager, email & phone number, and email for billing address. Send info to 


Under Settings You add your sender information. This information will automaticaly transfer as sender in your first campaign. You can also edit sender details for single campaigns but we recommend to fill in all the details to save time with your campaign work. 

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