Add logo/profile picture/avatar when viewing in Gmail

Profile Pictures/Avatars that appear next to their user name are increasingly used to connect their social accounts. For Google + and Gmail, set it up as described in the following description. 

Option 1:

-Once logged in to Gmail, click on the gear icon in the top right corner to go the Settings menu as below screenshot shown:

-Scroll down to the menu "my Picture" as shown below and click on "Select an image". 

-In the third step, the box below where you upload your image is opened as instructed. 

-In the last step, crop the image according to your desire and click "Make changes" to complete. 

Option 2:
-Click on the profile picture in the upper right corner to open the menu. Click the surface of the profile image that says "change." See Figure 1 below. 
-In the next step you can upload your current file. See Figure 2 below. Then click on the Blue button "set as profile picture" to proceed. 

Fig. 1. 
Ska-rmlikeness-2017-10-24-KL-15-37-45. pngFig. 2. 
Ska-rmlikeness-2017-10-24-KL-15-37-58. png

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