Create campaign buttons

(English version below)

You can easily create buttons and link to subpages, etc. When you create your campaigns. 

  • Go to the email builder to create the campaign content with image, text, and links, you have the button icon on the right side of the toolbar at the top. See the icon as the second from the right in the image below. 

  • The following window opens. Enter text to be in the button and address to which the button will be linked. You can also adjust the color and font size as needed. Click OK to create the button.

  • Then it adjusts the position of the button in relation to its text. Put the cursor next to the button and align with the buttons on the left, center, or right position toolbar. 

  • The end result may look like the example below:

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English Walkthrough for creating buttons within campaigns. 

  • Go to the editor where you create your newsletter content. You have the button icon in your top right corner, second from the right, as shown in the picture below. 

  • This window will open up. Here you place the text within the button and the address the button will forward to. You can also add color and font size. Press OK to create your button. 

  • Then You can adjust the position of the button so it fits to the rest of your copy. Place the marker and adjust it with settings from the toolbar above for left-center-or right placement. 

  • The end result can then look like the example below. 

Best of luck with your campaigns! If you aren't able to find the correct descriptions of the steps above please describe your matter to us at For quick assistance.   

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