How do you import your member lists?

Please note that the custom fields' attributes, column names, (e.g. first names, zip codes, etc.) are most advantageously created before import. This is done through Members>Groups and. The Excel columns will then automatically be connected to created custom field in Rule. custom field for email and mobile numbers do not need to be created, Rule automatically reads them.

To import your Xls or CSV file with members follow the steps below: 

  • Go to members. 

  • Click Import to select the file to import.
  • After selecting the file, click Next to proceed. 

  • In the next step, the content from your file is automatically custom field in Rule and you can also add custom field that were not created before the import. 

  • At the bottom, you specify which tag/tags the list should belong to, or you can create a new tag by typing in a name and clicking Create tag

  • Then click Start Import
  • Import is started and you will receive a notification when import is complete. Note that it is perfectly okay to open a new window, click on a new tab in Rule and work on something else while the import is running in the background.

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