What is a custom field and how do I use it?

In this article we will go through what a custom field is and how to create new custom field in Rule. 

A "custom field" can be directly compared to the content of a column in Excel. For example, take the City column, which you can then use to create filters/segments and filter/segment out all those with City = Gothenburg. You can see it as custom field is a field in Rule that symbolizes the customer data that you upload in Rule.

A custom field is created when you import members in Rule, see the article. importera medlemmar to learn how to import members. When you then import your members, the Excel columns in your file will automatically be linked to the created custom field in Rule.

How to create extra custom field for your members: 

1. Click on the "Members" icon
2. Select "custom field "
3. Click on "New group "

This is what a member group looks like and how to add fields: 

1. Here you name the group. In this case we have chosen to call this group 'personal data' 
2. In the field list, you must name the field
3. Here you should choose the format of the list. Since "Region" skrivs i text väljer vi text. If the list is based on a specific date, select the date and time. For example, Date and time '2023-02-28:13:00' or simply date " 2023-02-28". If you choose "multiple choice", it means that you can have multiple values in the same field which will be separated by a comma "," inside Rule. When you then create a filter / segment you can search for members who have or do not have the value in the multiple choice field.   
4. This will be the name of the field that developers can then use in the API integration. It is named after the group name.field name.
5. If you want to add more fields, click on  'New field'

If you have any questions regarding custom field , you are always welcome to contact our  support! 

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