What is a tag and how do I create one?

A tag in Rule is the name of the "customer list" with all email addresses and other member information. The tag name is usually the file name. The columns from your user information file can be saved in Rule as custom field .

You can also see it as being able to "tag up" members. I.e. a member may have multiple tags on their customer card. If, for example, you want a list of members to have both the "new customer" tag and another desired tag to define the addresses in that list, you can easily do so through these ways:

One way to create and name tags is via tags & Filter--> new tag and then when importing choose which tags/tag those members belong to:

  • Another way to create a tag/create tags is to import the names of the desired tags you want to create, when importing, click "Add xxx (the name you created)" and then click to create a new tag:

  • Please note that members without a tag will not be affiliated and cannot therefore become recipients of promotions/mailings.

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