Which fonts and image formats are accepted in Rule?

You can add any font to their templates. However, it is important to know that it is limited support for fonts that are not web-safe. Only "regular" web fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana are fully supported in text. Learn more about what counts as Web-safe fonts här.

You can use external fonts such as  Google Fonts But the support is not 100% so in some clients like Gmail and Outlook it will appear a case-back font that is web-safe. 

So we need both that you enclose the external font you want to be used in the template and specify which case-back font you want to be displayed in non-support.

When working in the Rule app in the campaign editor, you always see a fallback/web-safe font and to see the external font (optional font), you must send a preview/preview to an iOS mail client address, as iOS mail supports external fonts.

Image formats for graphics that can be used in Rule are: JPG, PNG, GIF. 

Font related questions are emailed to support@rule.se

/Team Rule

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