How do you reactivate members?

How do you reactivate members?
Reactivation of deregistered members can be done in two different ways, as a receiving member directly via a reactivate or as an administrator inside rule. See the pictures below for the different variants. See the different options in the pictures below.

  • Member
  • Administrator Role-Resubscriber
  • Reduced deliverability
  • Resubscriber

This message is displayed after clicking The reactivatebutton. It is also possible to create your own landing page and enter the URL in the settings > account. 

Fig. 1

Ska-rmlikeness-2017-09-25-KL-11-23-52. pngMessage that appears when you click the Green button to reactivate itself.

Ska-rmlikeness-2017-09-25-KL-11-24-04. png Administrator Role-Resubscriber

Resubscriber-an important role that entails a great responsibility
Before requesting the Resubscriber user role, carefully read the This whole article And our KB about Tips för att öka leveransbarheten av dina mail

Reduced deliverability
This can impair deliverability by allowing the reactivated member to mark incoming mail as spam and junk mail. It strikes back against the email domain or subdomain used that then risks the inferior reputation and the brand.

Important! Avoid reactivating members who have actively unenrolled. Re-enable only members who have actively contacted you to be re-activated.

The consequence of improper handling
For example, a recipient who unenrolled and later unsolicited receives e-mail messages that they do not want and marks the unsolicited mailing as spam and junk mail.

What then happens is that the recipients ' mail servers flag emails from your sender domain as spam or junk mail if members are handled ungently. It also worsens for future mailings from the domain when the rumor deteriorated and can remain over longer time.

Note! To reactivate blocked/blocked members, you need the Resubscriber user role in Rule. You will receive the Reactivate button visible in Rule.

  • Click Members
  • Click the member you want to reactivate
  • Click the Reactivate button

Fig. 2-Swedish version

Fig. 2-English version

Ska-rmlikeness-2017-09-25-KL-11-23-26. png

Contact Support via For an addition of the role in the user account.

Support team Rule

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