How do I create a "congratulations" automation SMS?

Birthday messages are one of the most effective marketing messages you can send. It has been shown that they have 179% higher unique clickthrough rates than promotional messages. So why not start to join in and celebrate your customers on their special day?

  • Please note that before starting to create a Congratulations automation to be based on date of birth, the custom fields for date/year of birth has been created.

To create a congratulations automation that goes out to your members follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to your Rule account and click Automation.

2. Then click New Automation.

3. Then click the down arrow on the new automation placed at the top.

4. When you have the view above, click add SMS.

5. Then fill in the blank fields, from, to, the contents of the message and the language (Swedish or English).

6. Then click Save draft to go ahead.

7. To proceed, click back to the Automation button.

8. You will be greeted by your newly created automation at the top. Select the tag and Trigger to match Automation to, then tick "active" and then the gear icon selected below:

9. Then select trigger type from default to date.

10. The next step is to choose what to trigger the message. That is, you should choose for example Birthdate customer and then from when you want Automation to apply: "days ago" = forward in time and before = backward in time. For example, if it is an event, one might think that "is days before" stands for how many days before you want to send the message. Of course you can also set it to be sent at once.

11. In this step you can also choose whether you want it to be sent annually (repeated) or set it up as a one-time mailing. When you are satisfied with your automation, click save.

12. It will finally pop up a message on the screen that SMS automation is up to date. Your automated welcome message is now created.

If you want to associate an individual discount code with your members, you can read more about it här. and also contact us if question marks arise.

Contact us at if you encounter any obstacles along the way and we will help you as quickly as we can. Good luck with your Birthday Automation!

/Team Rule

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