How do I add languages to members on import?

If language data has been collected with their members, you can choose to associate the associated languages with the members of Rule. Languages are set per default to Swedish unless otherwise stated.

-To automatically and easily match language on import, it is required that you have created a "language/language" column in your import file. This allows you to filter out, for example, to send only a newsletter to English-speaking members by creating a filter that filters out English speakers. Learn more about creating filters  här.

Optionally, you can add a language value at the import stage. (This is if everyone in the import file has the same language)

To add a language value to import:

  • Go to members. 

  • In Rule, click Import to select file to import.
  • the custom fields' attributes, column names, (e.g. first names, languages, etc.) are most advantageously created before import. This is done through Members>Groups and. The Excel columns will then automatically be connected to created custom field in Rule.
  • After selecting the file, click Next to proceed. 
  • Here you have an option to add a language "value" that all members of the import should receive:

  • In this way, you avoid that all members get Swedish as value per default.
  • Then click Start Import.

If you have any questions about setting up languages to members, please contact

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