How do I move a member to another filter? For example, another language filter?

If a member, for example, wishes to receive the newsletter in English instead of Swedish, or if there is another reason why you need to change filters on a member, please follow the information below:

A spontaneous question that can emerge is; "Is it enough to change the language of the member to English? When the customer already has a different language registered ". The answer to that question is yes, it does.

  • When you change the member's language from, for example, Swedish to English on the member's customer card, ie in language , the system recognizes this change and changes so that the member belongs to the other wanted for example the language filter. 
  • Another example is if you want to change the country the member is tied to via filter, you have to import the member again, with the new country data.
  • Note that it is required that the filter you wish to change to is created. Read more about how to create filters here.
  • To then see the change of filter on the desired member, you need to save the filter again, ie go into filters and tags and select the affected filter, and click Save. In this way, the member's customer card is updated and you can see that the member now belongs to another filter. 

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