Use of languages as member data

Collecting language data on its members is very common. Rule allows you to use that language data to segment your communication and build filters depending on member languages. 

There are two ways to manage language data seamlessly in Rule. If you have a list where all the addresses in that list should have the same language, such as Swedish or English, you easily add a "language value" when importing the tag./import to tag. Learn more about adding a language value här.

When your XSL file contains a column called language/language, i.e. when there are different languages on the members of the file to import, you must create a custom field named the same as the language column in the XSL file. For example, language or language. Learn more about creating custom field här.

In order to build filters correctly, it is necessary that the correct language codes have been used in the file to be imported. We follow the ISO standard for language codes that you can read more about här.

Here are some examples of commonly used language codes to use for language names in the import file:

Code Language

an English

Ar Arabic

da Danish

those German

es Spanish

Fi Finnish

Fr French

It Italian

NL Dutch

no Norwegian

PL Polish

RU Russian

SV English

UK Ukrainian

ZH Chinese

NB Norwegian Bokmål

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