Open Graph - Advanced Drag and Drop

With Open Graph meta tags, you can check for yourself what is downloaded from your website when a particular link is dragged into a block when creating your mailings.

For advanced drag and drop to work, the website must support OG and that the attributes of image, link and text are added to accommodate them. 

You can check this out with your webmaster. As long as the support is on your website, you can use the feature in your campaigns.

Here's how it works in Rule:

  1. To create a new email, select the template you want to start from, by clicking campaign -> new campaign and then selecting the template.
  2. Then drag the link into the block you want into the material. Watch the clip below:

4. Then change/correct any text captured to what is desired. Of course, it is also possible to change to a different image than the one captured.

5. Done!

Note! If you don't get this to work, you probably have an older template. You then need to make an order so we can update the template/templates. Send an email to Also add which account is referred to and in which specified template/templates the update is desired.

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