How do you set up so that a customer gets the country as a tag where they have signat-up from?

In order for those who sign up on your different websites depending on the country, to automatically get the tag for which country they signed up via, we recommend creating new sign-up forms with language tag for each signing up page. 

For example, get B2C_SV tag and get B2C_EN tag, see steps below.

- Create a new tag, such as B2C_SV to be used for sign-up at .

-Create a new registration form and enter the B2C_SV tag in the form, read more about how to create sign-up forms here
Hur skapar jag ett anmälningsformulär?.

- Refer the code snippet in step 4 from the registration form to the webmaster and ask them to put it in Page.

When members sign up from they will now get B2C_SV tag automatically.

Note that you need to do the same process for page.

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