Consent Data Management

Sometimes it is important to get the consent of your members, e.g. Applicable data management.

Here's a way you can do it in Rule:

-Create a page on your site where the member lands after accepting consent.

- Create a new campaign in Rule that contains the information the member should agree to

-Add a link or button to the email to accept the consent, e.g. As in the image below. The button then links you to the landing page on your site as above. 

-For a while after the campaign has submitted successfully, click the icon with the bars to open the campaign statistics page.

-On the Statistics page, press the "click/Clicked" tab. Here you'll see everyone who clicked on the consent link.

-Click on "Export", then select "Clicked any link in the campaign" and select the link you used for the consent button in the email. 

-Choose to export members to tag. You can use an existing tag or create a new one in this step. Then click "Export" to export the members as consented, to the selected tag.

-You have now created a tag for everyone who has given consent and can safely send them in the future. The tag can be found on the page "Tags & Filter". When you click into it, you should now see the members you exported in the above step.

Good luck, and don't forget, a consenting member is an interested member!

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