How do I delete members and all of its data?

Deletion of individual members:

  • To delete a single member and all its data, follow the steps below. Note that superadmin or resubscriber permissions are required to have access to the feature. Contact to obtain this permission.

1. From the menu, click ' Members '. Here you can find the member's email address to access the member's customer card.

2. You then click on the ' edit ' icon to open up the customer card:

3. Once inside the member's customer card you will be greeted by a red button at the top right where it says ' delete '. When you click on the button a warning pops up that informs you that this is done directly and is not reversible, ie is permanent:

4. If you click ' Yes ', you delete the member from the account, along with all historical data about the member. This will not go to access again, as it is under the new GDPR Act if a member wishes to be deleted.

Deleting multiple members at the same time:

  • To delete multiple members and all of its data, follow the steps below. 

1. From the menu, click ' Settings ' followed by ' Admin ' tab. Please note that in order to delete multiple members at the same time, they should not belong to a tag. I.e. if you want to delete all members of a tag you first go to ' tags and filters ', click ' tags ' and delete the tag you wish to delete the members in. These ports are now in a consolidated list under the Admin tab:

2. You click on the ' See all ' button to see the members who do not have a tag. You can either select one box at a time or click the box at the top left next to the question mark icon to select all the members that are displayed.

3. If you then click the ' Delete ' button on the top right, you will be greeted by a warning to remind you that this is permanent and that the data cannot be recovered. If you click ' Yes ', delete the selected addresses. Please note that only 100 members can be deleted at a time and may take up to 5 minutes for the number of active members to be updated after deletion.

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