Contact Support Considerations

To get as quick and effective help as possible with your case before and when contacting support, we have gathered points to consider below. This is for support to understand the case at once and be able to assist in the best possible way.

Have you checked the Help center?

In our hjälpcenter You will usually find answers to all questions sent to the support team. To save time, first search your question there. You also have access to the help articles when you are logged in to the app via "?Symbol. 

Account as it relates 

Since we have many active accounts in Rule, it is important to specify what account is in contact with support, to avoid the case starting into being investigated in the wrong account. 

Campaign/Automation as it applies

Support receives many issues regarding help with a particular campaign or automation, here it is very good to specify which one applies. A simple way is to link to it directly in the case.

Clarity is the key

In order to find a quick solution to your case, it is important to think about being as clear as possible. Since Rule is such a flexible platform, which can be used in so many different ways, extra clarity is therefore the key to quick action from support.

For template adjustments

When you are a new customer in Rule, we offer 1 template that includes 2 proofturns. For template adjustments and proofturns, it is especially important to be clear, so if there is more than 1 small adjustment, collect the points in a document. Other small adjustments you wish to make in the future will arrange support free of charge, but in case of major adjustments (outside proofing turns) and at  en ny mall Always incur a cost.


Superadmin privileges are granted to you who are the contract manager of the account and to several users as desired. With this permission you can lägga till användareregistrera ett kort And radera And återaktivera Members. So to save time, it is most effective to check with the support if you have superadmin privileges (in case of uncertainty). If you have it, you can do all this yourself directly in the app.

Customer list Management

You are responsible for managing your customer lists. As a new customer, you can contact support if you are stuck at import av medlemmar So we can help with the import, but continue to be responsible for the import and structuring of their members.

In case of technical problems

If you encounter tenical issues in the app, there are steps to try first that can resolve the issue before contacting the support: Reload the browser, log in and out, make a återställning. If none of this helps please do not hesitate to contact for help of the case. 

Development and API

API, development and order questions are emailed to support. The case will then be taken to developers and provides support. If you want to integrate Rule into other services, a Api-nyckel. To access the API documentation, click här.

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