How do I filter on number of orders?

If you have Historiska medlemsfält (exempelvis orderdata som är sparad historisk) can create a filter that counts on the number of placed orders registered on a customer. 

It may be that you want to send out a special automation to your customers after they have placed their first order, but a completely different automation to customers, such as placing their third order. Then it may look like this when a customer chooses to start different automations after 1st, 2nd and 3rd + orders:

To make such a filtration, proceed as follows:

1. Go to Tags & Filter and select New Filter. Give the filter a name and description (optional) and what the filter should be based on (in the example OrderCompleted tag). Also choose which main group the filter should be based on:

2. When you have selected the main group, the Black Show History button will pop up and when you see it, you can delete the fields above by clicking on the Recycle Bin: 

3. Now click the Show history settings button to be able to use your historical member data in the filtering:

4. Now the number and new summation buttons are popping up. And in our example, we should choose to click on the numberbutton: 

5. After clicking Number, three drop down fields will be presented. And in them you should now choose the number of orders!

6. In our example, we choose to sort on "The number of Order.ID registered on the customer" and we have chosen "Equal sands 2". This means that we have asked Rule to filter the data as follows: "Customers in the OrderCompleted tag that have two order IDs registered on them, we want to filter out". 

We choose to filter on Order.ID because each Order has only a unique Order.ID and then we get the number of orders through this filtering:

7. Click Save rules and see how your filter is created!

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