How do I add custom fields to mail?

Below is a description of how to use custom field information directly in your newsletters. First, make sure you have the desired member information, in the example below: first name, loaded in Rule as a custom field . Look under Members>Groups and custom field .

To then get it into the newsletter as desired, go to the email builder where you create the letter and enter the recipients et cetera and set the cursor where the first name should be. Then go to the upper-left corner of the toolbar and select Add member Data and look up first name. See Figure 1 below. 

Fig. 1:

Then the member field will automatically get and match that information. If a recipient does not match the member field, such as missing the data for the first name on the customer card, it will be displayed blank for that recipient. That is to say: then it will not stand "Hejsan Customfield..." (Will not display the CustomField/member field code) 

For example, it might look like this: "Hello, [CustomField: Personal information. FirstName]". See the example in Figure 2 below. 

Fig. 2:

The use of custom field in the image URL:

To use personalized images you can do it in two ways.

1. Save the entire URL of the image in one custom field and use it as the URL for the image, such as "" in the member field "Grupp.bildurl", then we use the entire member field as the URL in image properties. This can then be used to ensure that recipients belonging to a particular segment, such as the EU, get a custom image.

2. Or you can control parts of the Image URL based on the value of a custom field . For example, we have saved the value "eu" in the member field "Address.Country" and then the image URL becomes:

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