Why is the number of subscribers in the filter incorrect?

Rule filters are constantly updated — in the background. However, it does not always appear in the interface how many members are included in the filter. The number you see, when you look at a filter, is the number that it was when the last manual update (sync) was made.

This can sometimes create uncertainty: "Is it reasonable that I have so few customers in my filter?". However, as mentioned above, what is visible in your filter in the interface does not need to match the number of members that are actually in the filter. 

The number of members in the filter appears updated in the interface when:

  • You create your filter for the first time
  • You enter a ready filter and press Save (the number of members will be updated)

The number of members is not displayed in the interface when: 

  • You make a campaign and send it to a filter (you'll see the updated number of members in the campaign summary in the step before tapping submit)
  • An API call comes with a receiver that matches an Automation (in which case the individual recipient is immediately added to the filter but not displayed in the interface)

So you can be calm about the filters being updated as they should. And that you can, if you want to know the current status of a specific filter, go into it and press the SAVE button – then it will be updated and you can see the number. 

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