How do I summarize statistics in Rule?

You can find statistics in your Dashboard, for weekly compilations. If you want a more comprehensive summary, such as the current year, you can also get the statistics through a few simple dealings.

When you sum up your Rule year, there are two ways that we recommend:

1. For Campaign statistics

Enter under promotions and sent. Go to the page where your desired time for the statistics is located and click the Export button. (For example, if you want statistics for 2018, go to the page under sent where the 2018 year first campaign is located. When you click Export, everything comes from that page and forward with in the Excel file).

Then you need to sort your stats in the Excel file in the way that suits you best.

2. For Member statistics

The second option is to create a filter under Tags & Filter to see, for example, how many members entered the tags (and unregistered) for a certain period of time. 

Select New Filter and rename it, then base your filter on the tags you want to see the statistics from.

Next, click the new member Rule button, then select the created at Member attribute and "is greater or equal" and the date you want to see the statistics from:

Then click Save Rule's and export the filter:

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