Enterprise Export

Enterprise Export is an opportunity for the organization that has an interest in - or need for - collecting all activity data from Rule with the purpose of analyzing it on their own. 

Enterprise Export is an additional service, mainly aimed at customers with larger accounts.
It is set up as an automatic job that runs for example every night (or more often) and is delivered as a file to the customer's SFTP area at Rule or it can be retrieved via API from Rule. There is no difference in price or function between API and file, you as a customer choose what suits you best.

The export contains three parts:

1. Statistics, i.e. member activity such as, opening, link clicks, etc. One line per activity.
2. Dispatcher, i.e. mailings divided by e-mail/text, campaign/automation, and which tags/filters it has been sent to.
3. Subscriber, the members who have been updated during the interval (to be able to relate them to activity in the statistics file).

The export is designed to be easy to read into a Datawarehouse or Business Intelligence system to then be correlated with other data, to see, for example, what conversion a particular mailing has generated.

If you are interested, Rule can share a sample file with you so you can evaluate in more detail what this data would give you.

The export is set up by Rule's technical team and to get an estimate of what it would mean for you (or if you want to see a sample file): contact Rule at support@rule.se

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