Gmail Promotions Tab

To be even better seen in the feed, Rule offers an opportunity that makes your email more visible in the Gmail app. It's called the Gmail Promotions Tab and all you have to do is add a special code to the campaigns you send out.

The configuration takes an estimated one hour according to the standard rate and you order it by emailing

Two ways to stand out in your inbox are:

  1. "Organization": you will see your logotype in the sender's circle.
  2. "PromotionCard" and "DiscountOffer": for occasional promotions that in short indicate that the Gmail algorithm perceives your offer as good and relevant to the recipient and therefore shows it high up in the Campaigns/Promotions tab.

  • A – Logo (Organization)
  • B – Discount code (DiscountOffer)
  • C – Validity (DiscountOffer)
  • D – Discount code (DiscountOffer)
  • E – image (PromotionCard)

Where does the customer see Gmail Promotion Tabs?

Promotion Tab appears in Gmail's native apps for iOS and Android. At the time of writing, they are not visible in the browser, but Gmail has announced that it will. This profiling is also not visible in mail sent to but opened in another email program; For example, iOS Mail, Mac Mail, Outlook, Samsung Mail et cetera.


As the name implies, this option applies to email addresses at This doesn't show up for organization addresses, even if they're using Google's G Suite. Not for Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. In the Rule's database, represents approximately 25 percent of all email addresses.

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