Switch changes selected parts of your mailing

Switch is a function to separate sections/offers in your mailing for selected segments. By using the function you can easily choose which tag, filter/segment or custom field should see the desired content.

You have Switch installed in your template and choose which parts of your mailing should be shown to which recipients. Maybe you want to change an offer, a headline or an image. What applies to Switch is that you can choose either filter/segment, tag or custom field to base your versions on. If you choose to base Switch on custom field , it is custom field that can be used. 

Here we show you how to proceed. 

1. Open the campaign you are going to send out:

2. In this case, we want to send everything in the campaign equal to all except three offers that are changed for some recipients. Click on the Department gears and see how the Add Switch pops up as selections in the Green box. Select Add Switch by clicking the Green bar: 

3. Now a green list becomes visible: 

4. Click on it to find the following selections: 

5. Now you are inserting the content to be displayed in case no other segmentation is selected. That is, the version 1/1 of the switch:

If you do not want that block to be visible to those who are not part of the segmentation, you can choose to remove it completely by clicking on the trash can, and it will only be visible to the filters/segments/tags/custom field you have chosen in the remaining versions of the switch.

6. Then click the + sign to add a new content option:

7. Choose which tag, filter/segment or custom field should see this option and change to the correct content in this version 2/2: 

8. If you want to add more options, you can do so by re-clicking the + sign (and if you want to delete an option, click Recycle Bin):

9. Then skickar du kampanjen As usual.

Also keep in mind that if you base a Switch on a Member value, the other options in your Switch need to be based on the same value.

You cannot create a Switch with e.g. FirstName in option 1 and Order Date in option 2 as these can both be false or true at the same time;

This is because the value for both options is adjusted;

When previewing, you need to select a receiver that matches the switch's segment for the content to appear in the preview.

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