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February 2019 includes Honeypot – part of Rules BotStop – embedded in the code in forms created in Rule. It attracts fake addresses to itself and stops them from entering your membership register. 

The Honeypot code is embedded in the form code when you create a scratch form and are also in your existing forms. This means that you who created forms earlier than February 2019 must download the form code again from Rule and add to your web for the Honeypot feature to be enabled. 

Honeypot is a mandatory feature and there is also an optional Spam protection: Recaptcha.

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What do I need to do to use Honeypot?

  • Go to
  • Build your form or go to each of your previously built forms
  • Go to the Step 4 summary to see the HTML snippet where the Honeypot code is embedded
  • Click Copy to copy the entire form's code
  • Add the form code to your page (Note: If you have already entered a form code on your web before, you need to update it with this new code)

How do I go about our forms also containing Recaptcha protection?

You need to turn on the Recaptcha protection in the form builder. Then the form code must be updated on the site where it is located.

Why does the Recaptcha feature turn off if it is now so important?

Because advanced users may have their own solution for this, or if there is any incompatibility with the site, it can be shut down.

What does it look like in Rule if a member has been stopped by Rules BotStop?

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