Why does our template say RuleMailer?

The templates that can be used in Rule — the general templates and the personal templates you have access to — say "Sent from RuleMailer". That's something we recommend. 

When billions of emails are sent worldwide every day, it is important to be able to distinguish senders who are serious from those who are less serious. 

When Rule adds "Sent from RuleMailer" or "Sent from Rule" to the template footer, a recipient of the mailing can click on that link and then end up on Rule.se. A recipient who is unsure if the email is delivered by a reputable supplier will then be reassured and can – if they wish – choose to unsubscribe from upcoming mailings instead of, in affect, clicking the spam button. 

Rule as a vendor in the footer is a quality mark.

Questions about this? Please contact us support@rule.se!

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