Newsfeed automates your Content

The Newsfeed feature automates your content flow in Rule. With a Newsfeed custom template, you can automatically integrate your email channel with other digital channels. The newsfeed template pulls content such as headline, text, image from an external source so you don't have to create content for each mailing. 

Why use Newsfeed?

  • Use already existing material
  • Avoid double work
  • It will be an automatic sync with the Web channel
  • Examples of content: editorial material (such as news articles, blogs). Dynamic leaderboards (e.g. top sellers on the site).

How do you implement Newsfeed?

  • Make sure that your webpages are OG-Custom
  • Create a publicly accessible page with a Json list of the web pages we are going to retrieve, which are published. (That is, a URL containing a list of the various articles Rule is going to retrieve.)
  • If you want to keep the page non-audience, no problem, you can unlock for our unique USER_AGENT. You get it from Rule(
  • Order a template update from Rule( inserts a Newsfeed block.

Then you can send your campaigns and let the flow automatically fold in the correct order in your mailing. 

Here you will see an example of how we at Rule ourselves use the feed for our articles


[News:] - Newsfeed url with Open Graph

[LoopValue:title] - Loop value with and-name (example: title, url, image, content]

The default tags can be accessed as follows
  • and:title > title
  • and:image > image
  • and:url > url
  • and:description > content
Other tags can be accessed by typing
  • and:customTag > and.customTag
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