How do I change the sender of my newsletter?

The sender settings means the information that will appear in the newsletter. To adjust sender settings, go to settings. There you can set the following:

  • Email: This is the email address that will appear as the sender address. We advise against having a "noreply" address here because customers often try to answer or want to ask questions, etc. in direct connection when they receive the newsletter. A useful return address is therefore also preferable due to change of address and other questions. 

  • Company Name: This is the sender of the newsletter. Usually, it is your company name that is used to demonstrate relevance and recognition. The risk is otherwise that the recipient sees an untrusted sender and deletes the newsletter before they take part of it. 

  • Address fields: The information in the address fields is automatically populated at the bottom of the newsletter's footer. 

  • Mailing name (SMS): The sender in the case of SMS mailings. Note that the maximum number of characters allowed is 11. 

  • Domains for Google Analytics: Here you enter domains to associate with Google Analytics. One can specify several but one domain per line. 

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