Who has unregistered members in our account?

Sometimes Rules support is asked by customers who are wondering who has unregistered members from their account. Here we want to explain some possible reasons why members of the account are deregistered/blocked. 

Anyone who unsubscribes from your newsletter will be blocked and will be placed on the block list. This does not mean that the e-mail address is deleted or deleted from Rule, but it remains but is blocked. If it is not left blocked in the system, it means that the e-mail address is active and that it can be re-registered for newsletters e.g. via the website and again receive newsletters and other communications. 

- People who have marked your email as spam in their inbox will be automatically unsubscribed immediately.

- Some members who are deregistered have Bounced read more about them här.  

- Otherwise, what would have happened is that the member himself could have clicked on the unsubscribe link. Or the member may have forwarded their email to someone else who may have clicked on the link. 

- Another reason may be if the member has posted the campaign publicly somewhere - then someone may have clicked on the unsubscribe link there.

If the account administrator has unregistered the member, it looks like this in the customer view (note that you can reactivate the member on the black button above the left): 

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