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    The difference between a filter and a tag is:

    • Filters are based on the data/information you have on your customers and members. It is usually customer data and information about your customers such as name, postal code, address, city, customer type, interest, etc.m. and these are referred to as custom field . 
    • While a tag is the actual "list" from which you filter the member information/segments.

    Create Tags

    1. Click on "Dashboard"
    2. Then on "Tags and filters"

    1. Click on "New tag"
    2. Name your tag
    3. Describe your tag
    4. Click save, after that you have created a tag.
    5. After that you can import members to be in that tag
    6. Here you can export your members
    7. Delete if you change your mind

    Create Filter

    1. Click on "New filter"
    2. Name your "Filter"
    3. Describe what your filter will do
    4. Choose which tag(s) to include
    5. Save
    6. Or create a "Grouped filter"

    The next step is to add a rule to your filter, or several

    1. If you want to have more rules in your filter, you can choose to switch between "Match any" or "Match all", if you want to read more about what this means, click here!
    2. Select a "field"
    3. Select 

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