Your first campaign

4 - Rule first campaign. Sub. From Rule Communication On Vimeo.

Congratulations! You are now ready to send out your first campaign. Follow these simple steps to get started with your mailing.

  1. Order template
  2. Create campaign

Step 1. Order template

A recommended first step for new Rule customers is to order n template through our support (it is also possible to use some of our many ready-made templates). After that, the template is normally delivered within five working days. Note that it is possible for advanced template builders to create their own templates. Important to keep in mind then is that the templates become responsive in different mail clients and devices.

Here is good inspiration for new templates:

Step 2. Create campaign

  • Click Create campaign.
  • Select a template to get to the email builder and create content, specify the recipient, header, etc. 
  • Then go to Summary & schedule.
  • Click specific time and enter the date and time of the desired mailing.
  • Click Scheduleto confirm scheduling. The campaign will then fall under Promotions > scheduled.
  • Voila! Your first campaign is scheduled and ready for mailings.

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