Your first campaign

In this article you will learn how to create campaigns in Rule. The goal of creating campaigns is to enable you to communicate smarter and more personalized with your customers. With the right campaign set up, you can reach the right customers, in the right channel with the right content and thus build better customer relationships and increase your conversion. 

After reading this guide, you will have the following knowledge: 

  • How to create a campaign 
  • How to choose a template 
  • How to edit in your template 
  • How to add tags and filters linked to the campaign

Follow these simple steps to create a campaign: 

Click on"Promotions"

Click on " New campaign"

Select"Create a campaign"

Then choose the template you want to use for the mailing.

Here you can build your own mailing. You can easily add and remove blocks to create the layout you want.

Once you have created your mailing, make sure to click"Save" on the right side of the view!

Now it's time to set up your campaign settings 

1. If you want to change any sender information, click on "Edit"
2. Add tag, segment or new recipients, you want to learn more about the difference between tags and segments, gör det här! 
3. Here you write the title of the campaign. This is what will appear in the subject line of your recipients' inboxes, so make sure you have something that will entice the customer to open your email.
4. Here you can add your settings for UTM-trackingen 

PS. be sure to click save in the left hand corner in between so that all your content is saved. Your settings or changes will not be saved automatically, so make sure you click save before leaving the page. 

Then click on"Schedule"

Here you can choose when to send your campaign

1. You can choose either Select later and save the message in draft,
2. Send now which sends the mailing immediately.
3. Or Schedule your campaign to a specific date and time.

Voila! Now you've created your first campaign.

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