Your first Marketing Automation

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Automations are pre-set loops with emails or SMS that automatically send out campaigns to your members based on a preset time or activity. 

An example of an automation is a welcome message that goes out immediately when a new member has signed up for the newsletter, made a purchase or a follow-up message three days afterwards thanking you for the registration. An automail is activated when the criteria for the trigger are met. We have gathered more inspiration about Automations vår blogg. To create your first Marketing Automation, follow the points below: 

  1. Create e-mail feed
  2. Set Trigger
  3. Enable Email Feed

Step 1. Create email Feed

  • Go to the Automation menu via the left-hand navigation list and click New Automation.
  • Now you will see that there is an automation that you can start working on under the Inactivetab. You name the automation loop by clicking "Automation" in the grey field on the left.

  • You then click the arrow at the far right to access the settings and create the message itself to the feed:

Step 2. Set Trigger

  • Then choose what the automation is triggered by selecting trigger, i.e. which tag/filter to determine when the mailing should expire. (What should trigger the message).
  • Click Add Mail OR add SMS to create the content.
  • You then select which template you want to start from when you create your email under either your templates or Rule's templates.
Once in the email builder, enter the sender address, email, title, and utm-campaign/utm term. (UTM means tracking of specific mailings in Google Analytics and you can find more info here
  • Step 3. Enable Email flow

    • Once you've created the mailing, click Save Draft and Then Click Automation to go back and edit the feed. 

    • Back in the Automation menu you will find the campaign you just created. You can specify the time settings for sending the mailing (see the Gear icon on the right). The icons to the right of the image mean the following: the pen-adjust the mailing. The chart-see statistics. Cogwheel-Time customization settings.

    • Click the activation button in the gray bar to activate the entire feed (see figure below), as well as the boxes on the left, for each individual campaign to be sent out.

    Congratulations - you're done with your first automation!

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
    Rule Support team
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