Integrating Shopify with Rule

Do you have a shop in Shopify?

Rule has a complete integration with Shopify that makes it easy for you to get your customer and order data from Shopify to Rule. Then you can set up automation flows in Rule such as: thanks for the purchase, retention, winback and much more.

The integration is free to use for the Rule's customers and you can activate it yourself in a few simple steps.

First, you create an API key in Rule . Then install Rule's App in Shopify and then add the API key there. After that, future order data will automatically appear in Rule.

  • How is the app installed?
  • How does the data appear in Rule?

How is the app installed?

  1. Sign in to Rule and go to the developer page
  2. Click "New API Key". The API key is a security task, so treat it carefully, much like a password.
  3. Click "Copy". Now you have the API key in your computer's clipboard (ClipBook Viewer).

Now you are done in Rule and are ready to install rules app in Shopify!

  1. Log in to your Shopifystore.
  2. Click here to start the installation of Rule's Shopify app
  3. Read the instructions and approve the installation of the Rule's Shopify app, click "Install unlisted App" (see screenshot 1)
  4. You'll be directed to the Rules Shopify app, where you'll be directed to the Rules Shopify app, where you'll be directed to the Rules Shopify app, where you'll be directed to the Rules Shopify app, where you'll can see the text "Setup the Rule API key" (see screenshot 2)
  5. Paste the API key from your computer's clipboard (Mac cmd+v, Win ctrl+v) in the "Rule API key" box 
  6. Click "Save".

Now you're done, well done!

Data begins to appear in Rule immediately after the next order.

Screenshot 1 

Screenshot 2

NOTE: If you are using the Safari browser and are unable to complete the installation, please read the instructions at the end of this article. 

Got stuck on any step? Contact us at We will gladly help you!

How does the data appear in Rule?

New members are created in the tags (see screenshot 4):

  1. "Cartinprogress" after the customer left their email address at check-out in Shopify
  2. "Ordercompleted" after the order is placed and you selected "Capture payments" in Shopify (see screenshot 3)
  3. "OrderShipped" after the order was delivered and you selected "Fulfill orders" in Shopify (see screenshot 3)
  4. "Newsletter" people who click in that you want to receive newsletters on the website or tick that you want to receive newsletters in the checkout feed 

Screenshot 3

These tags (see screenshot 4) can then be used to set up all the standard E-Commerce flows for marketing automation. 

Screenshot 4


For more information on how to set up marketing automation feeds klicka här.

Installation from Safari

Some versions of the Safari browser may block the installation of the app. Then you can change a setting in Safari and try again. 

Go to Safari > Settings and click Privacy. Disable "Prevent tracking between websites" / "Prevent cross-site tracking". Then try it again.

In the unlikely event that it still doesn't work, try installing in one of the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. 

Note! That this block from Safari can only mess up at the time of installation. No special settings are needed in Safari or any other browser for the app to work for your customers when buying. 

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